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Enhance Your Curls With This DIY Mask

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you've been under quarantine for awhile now, you're probably itching for a haircut, or to buy some of your favorite products. However, if you're finding it safer to stay home, that doesn't mean you can't still take great care of your curls. This is how you can enhance your curls with this DIY mask. Fortunately, you probably already have most of these ingredients already in your pantry. So get ready to mix and create your very own products!

Enhance Your Curls With This DIY Mask

What you'll need:

Getting started couldn't be any easier. First, you'll need to gather up your ingredients which include: 1 large, ripe banana, 1 large, raw egg, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and 3 tablespoons of raw, organic honey. That's it! Like we said, couldn't get any easier.

What to do:

Prep your ingredients, and place the banana in a bowl. Mash it until it's completely smooth. You could also use a mixer if you'd like. Once the banana is blended smooth, you can add in the egg. Continue to blend, adding in ingredients one by one. Once all the ingredients are added, make sure to blend until there are no lumps, and all the ingredients are fully incorporated.

Congratulations, curly girl! You've made your very own curl care mask. One of the fabulous things about creating your own products is that you're mixologist, and you're in control of everything that goes into the product. So feel free to create, experiment, and explore to see what works in your unique product.

After the mask is finished, wash your curls. Once your strands are cleansed, take your mask and apply it throughout into damp hair. Make sure to cover your strands generously, focusing on the mid shaft down. If you have fine strands, applying the product directly to the roots can weigh your strands down. Once all your curls are completely covered, place a plastic shower cap over your strands. Allow the mask to sit for at least 30 minutes, using the heat from your head to warm it. Then, rinse with warm water, and enjoy smoother, shinier locks!

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