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How To DIY Your Own Curl Care Products

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're pressed for time or are interested in having more day in what you put in your curls, you might want to consider a DIY shampoo! One of the greatest thing about making your own curl care products is that you can control what goes into them and keep many of the ingredients that may be harmful to your delicate curls out. Another great perk is that many of these products are super inexpensive to make and can last quite awhile. This is how you can make your very own curl care shampoo and conditioner!

Shampoo ingredients:

  • Empty bottle
  • Distilled water (how much you need is dependent upon the size of the bottle)
  • Unscented liquid castille soap
  • Essential oils

What to do:

  • Mix equal parts water and castille soap in the bottle
  • Add in essential oils (10 drops each)
  • Mix until fully incorporated

You can add in different ingredients based upon your individual curl care needs. For example, experiment with adding in aloe vera for curls that need some extra TLC, honey, almond or jojoba oils.

Conditioner ingredients:

  • Select a base ingredient: plain yogurt, a banana or avocado will work
  • Olive or coconut oil
  • Honey
  • Essential oils
  • Empty jar

What to do:

  • Using a mixer, blend your base ingredient with the olive or coconut oil until smooth
  • Keeping the mixer on low, add in the honey and essential oil, blending until all the ingredients are fully incorporated
  • Store in a jar in the refrigerator and use after you cleanse your curls.

Depending on what your curls needs are, you can add in different ingredients such as milk for soothing stressed strands, herbs or different essential oils.

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