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5 Incredible Styling Products Curly Girls Must Try – The Curly Hair Product Review, 1st Edition

by Michelle Swift
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Curly Hair Product Review
Hey curly girls! Now that beauty companies have finally started formulating hair products specifically for curly hair, there are so many choices out there for you, it’s hard to know where to start. Since all curls are unique and what works for one head of curls may not work for another, hunting down those perfect products becomes a tedious task. But don’t get your curls in a twist, ‘cause we’re taking away some of the guesswork by helping you find some incredible styling products to try.

Check ‘em out below.

1. Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding ($22): This curl creme is formulated to enhance the curls you already have, leaving them soft and defined. If combating shrinkage is what you’re after, then Curly Pudding will be your go-to styling agent because elongating shrunken kinks is this products’ MO.


source: missjessies.com

Pros: Those who found this product to work on their locks love it. They say it smells great, enhances curls, elongates shrunken hair and is super quick to dry. Curly girls got the best results by using this product on a wet twist-out, TWAs, finger-styling or plopping.
Cons: So many curly girls wanted to love this product, but there were some hair types where this fell flat. They found, that it left buildup and a crunchy texture on their strands, while others were disappointed in the ingredients, especially because it contains mineral oil.
Our Advice: Curly Pudding is great for natural curls, kinky curls and transitioning. Try a sample before buying a full size.

2. Bumble and Bumble Bb.Curl Pre-Style/Re- Style Primer ($28): This multi-benefit styler and primer caters to all types of curls and replaces Bumble and Bumble’s retired: Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist. This new kid on the block is packed with a powerhouse mix of ultra luxe Brazilian oils that revive and hydrate second-day curls back to life. For styling, spritz on wet hair to detangle and ready those curls for styling with a big dose of a conditioning and curl-optimizing, HydraSculpt Blend™.


source: bumbleandbumble.com

Pros: Curly girls love how this product truly revives “day old” curls and brings luster to their locks. Other highlights are that it softens curls, eliminates frizz, boosts moisture, minimizes big hair and is perfect for your gym bag — a quick refresher after your sweatfest and your curls are good to go.
Cons: Finding the right amount of product for your hair is key, too much and many report greasy locks. others found that the refresh factor left their curls falling flat mid-day.
Our Advice: If you are a Type 2a, 2b, 2c or 3a curly girl, give this product a whirl!

3. DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam ($25): Curly girls with fine hair don’t need heavy products weighing curls down and this lightweight foam delivers with big results. Curls get some serious lift with this alcohol free, humidity resistant and conditioning foam that’s formulated to create frizz-free, bouncy curls that pump up the volume!


source: devacurl.com

Pros: This is one of DevaCurls best-selling products, so if popularity gives you a clue, a lot of curly girls are loving this volumizer. Most find this foam to be lightweight and great at taming frizz. The scent is a big plus and the fact that it boosts definition and delivers bouncy, messy, beachy curls every time proves this foam is a must-have.
Cons: Girls who found this product at odds with their curls experienced dry ends and if you’re using too much, you may find that it makes hair feel crunchy. FYI less is more.
Our Advice: This lightweight foam is best for Type 2a, 2b, 2c and 3a hair. Remember, a little goes a long way.

4. Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls ($22): For girls in a hurry, Miss Jessie’s makes it easy to wash and go with this weightless styling cream that enhances the curls’ natural shape without dragging them down. This cream is formulated for wavy, curly or kinky hair and works to seal in hydration, prevent frizz, add shine and diss dryness. An infusion of lime and ginger flower, leaves your hair smelling fresh and sweet.


source: missjessies.com

Pros: Girls are loving this weightless cream for a quick, style and go in a hurry. Many marvel at how touchably soft their curls are. Type 2 hair girls find that it locks in their wavy pattern while keeping waves lifted, shiny and conditioned.
Cons: Remember, less is more, too much and some curly girls report shrinkage, flaking, and a crunchy texture. Girls who follow the Curly Girl Method are disappointed in the ingredient list because it includes silicones, which can lead to dry hair.
Our Advice: If you’re a girl on the go, reach for this styling cream that works best for Type 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, and 3c hair.

5. Desert Essence Jojoba Oil ($14): When it comes to replicating your scalp’s natural oil, (sebum) there really is no better oil than jojoba. Pressed from plant seeds from the Sonoran and Peruvian deserts, this organic jojoba oil is the most natural product you can use on your tresses. It won’t clog the pores on your scalp and it will add a serious dose of moisture, shine and smooth frizz on any hair type without weighing it down.


source: desertessence.com

Pros: From Type 2a to 4c all curly girls are loving this lightweight oil that won’t weigh hair down or leave it with a greasy sheen. From waves to kinks, curly girls are raving about just how good jojoba is at moisturizing, boosting shine, reducing frizz, taming hair and leaving it soft and manageable.
Cons: This one seems to be an all around winner!
Our Advice: For girls with all types of waves, curls or kinks, try adding a few drops of jojoba oil to your regular hair routine to reset your scalp and promote healthy, happy hair days.

Okay curly girls we want to know, what are the styling products that you swear by?

Michelle Swift

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