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Curly Hair Product Duos To Try

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curly Hair Product Duos To Try



In some cases, two is better than one. First of all, when it comes to curly hair products, there are some great pairings. These duos work in harmony to produce awesome results.

Here are the curly hair product duos to try.  If you't tried any of these, let us know!

Dry Shampoo and Hair Spray:

What curly girl doesn't live and die by a fantastic dry shampoo? Dry shampoo not only extends the life of your curls between showers, it can also add texture and volume by creating a bit of grit. As a result, hairspray is a great follow up to hold those curls in place.

Texture Foam and Sea Salt Spray:

Even wavy curls need some extra love here and there! Similarly,  it can be truly frustrating to encourage waves to actually hold their natural curl shape. Dry texture foams will give listless curls the shape and texture needed to create some volume. The sea salt spray is the perfect compliment to provide some grit and extra hold for an undone, super sexy look.

Leave In Conditioner and Gel:

Almost all curly girls can benefit from an additional moisture boost to their curls. Extra moisture will make it easier to style and detangle unruly curls. Finally, once curls have been hydrated, follow up with a light or medium hold gel as this will help curls retain their natural shape.

Root Lifter and Mousse:

A lot of curly girls complain about a lack of volume at the root, which makes this combo worth its weight in gold. Apply the root lifter to get the height and the mousse to provide volume and hold.

Hydrating Cream and Oil:

Some curls can really benefit from that extra infusion of moisture in order to get defined strands. A hydrating cream will help restore dry, distressed strands, making it much easier to style and control. Follow up with an oil to seal ends and keep moisture locked in. This will help ensure frizz is kept under control throughout the day.

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