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Check Out These Black Owned Curl Care Lines

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to taking care of your naturally curly hair, it's best to go to those who know your strands best. This usually means people who also have curly hair. Check out these Black owned curl care lines. These folks have been putting products designed just for your and your curl type out for years. Give these great lines a try, and let us know if there's one you use that we forgot!

Check Out These Black Owned Curl Care Lines

Up North Naturals:

This Canadian based product line has been in business since 2015 providing natural curl care products. This company seeks to put easily accessible, natural curl care products in every curly girl's hand, and can be found at most major retailers.


This product line lovingly handcrafts each product with organic and natural ingredients. This means you know that what you're putting in your hair is some of the best ingredients you can get. The avocado and shea replenishing mask is perfect for curly girls with dry, damaged, or distressed strands to help rejuvenate your strands.


When you purchase from Curls, you'll be buying curl care products that are free from sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, no fillers, or artificial oils. Additionally, this line isn't tests on animals. They offer four lines for wavy, curly, very curl, and kinky curls so you're sure to find your perfect fit.

TRUE by Made Beautiful:

This line offers intensive moisturizing for dry curls. There are tons of fabulous products to choose from, including deep conditioners, cowashes, hair butters, and intense treatment masques. Another thing we love about this product is the price point. Most of the products are under $10, make it accessible for lots of curly girls on a variety of budgets.


This line caters specifically to girls with kinkier coils, and is a vegan line. It has amazing shampoo bars, offering low packaging on some of their products for the eco conscious curly girl. This line was created by a mom of 6, who was looking for a way to make curl care less difficult for her family. As a result, this line of 100% toxin free products was born.

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