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Butters and Oils For Winter Curl Care

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When winter strikes, it brings with it cold and dry air. This mixed with the roughness of scarves and hats can make it so your curls can become extremely difficult to manage. Therefore, you'll want to know which butters and oils for winter curl care you should be using. After you've tried some of these, let us know which you prefer.

Butters and Oils For Winter Curl Care


Butters and Oils For Winter Curl Care

Shea butter:

When yoiur curls are weak or breaking, reach for Shea butter. This natural product is great for moisturizing hair that's been made brittle from dry air. Additionally, it works great as a sun protectant.

Babassu oil:

If you have very fine curls, this oil is for you. This is a lightweight oil that can replace coconut oil for curlies with fine strands. If your scalp is dry, irritated, or clogged, you can try a warm oil massage to break things up. A moisturized scalp in the winter will save you from grief in the spring.

Olive oil:

For curls that become frizzy and dry, olive oil cna be the answer. This oil will soften and smooth even the most stubborn of curls. It also is a natural anti fungal, so it protects you from developing dandruff. Additionally, it's highly moisturizing so dry curls and frizz don't stand a chance.

Mango butter:

When your curls become dry, the strands also become brittle and tough. When you go to wash or style strands in this condition, you may find your curls begin snapping off more easily. Breakage like this can do a lot of damage in your efforts to grow your curls out. Therefore, you should consider using mango butter to soften your strands. This is the best choice for curls that are exceptionally dry.

Jamaican Black Castor oil:

This product, also known as JBCO, is one of the holy grails of curl care. It's been used for hundreds of years to help soften and strengthen curly hair. It helps curls grow in thicker and stronger, as well as revitalizes dead strands.

Winter Care For Your Curls

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