The Best Pomades for Curly Hair

Pomade is, and always will be, one of the most versatile hair products in your bathroom. This thick, creamy product is great for adding texture and sealing in moisture, as well as keeping slicked-back hair neat and tidy. Unlike gels and sprays, pomades don’t make your curls feel crunchy or dry after application, leaving you with a touchable, manageable finish.

If you style your hair with a comb, finding the right pomade for you is a vital part of your hair styling routine. We’ve curated a list of the best pomades out there to help you find a suitable match for slick, tight hairstyles with a matte or shiny finish.

Pomades for Men’s Curly Hair

Suavetico Original Hold Pomade:

A pomade that grips your hair like wax but washes out like gel, this cult classic dries with a medium hardness but without a crunchy finish. It’s water-soluble, so you can touch up your style at the end of the day by adding a few drops of water to your ‘do and scrunching your curls, and combs through easily without leaving any white residue. The easy-to-use creamy consistency adds moderate shine, and is ideal for both long and short curly hair .

Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade:

This professional all-rounder gives a natural matte finish, and is suitable for a range of curly styles which need firm hold without being weighed down. It’s a water-based product designed to give the same look and feel as hair wax - but unlike wax, it washes out easily and leaves no residue. Don’t be fooled by the delicious crème brûlée scent and creamy consistency - this pomade packs a punch when it comes to adding grip and hold, so use sparingly if you fancy reworking your style throughout the day.

BluMaan Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade:

BluMaan’s high hold, low shine hair pomade gives you the ultimate balance between control and natural-looking shine without leaving your hair feeling greasy or heavy. Use for versatile, well-groomed looks and restyle during the day if you need to, using water or an additional dab of product. If you’ve always struggled to create definition and texture, this is the ideal product to recreate your favourite looks without tugging or pulling on your hair.

Best pomades for thick curly hair

Layrite Deluxe Superhold Pomade:

Get your curls under control with this hardworking water-based pomade which offers firm hold and medium shine. It’s easy to work through thick, curly hair and can lift your hair into the highest styles for all-day hold. Made with conditioners naturally-derived from coconut and castor oil, this pomade’s deeply-moisturising formula penetrates the hair shaft to lock in moisture, add shine and fight frizz .

Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade:

This vegan pomade with a cult following offers you barbershop quality and styling from the comfort of your own home. Add strong hold and matte texture to your curly style using just a dab of this highly-concentrated hair putty. It’s water-based, so washes out easily for a clean look, and comes with a luxuriant but understated cologne scent which will pull your whole look together.

Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade:

Nourish, style and define your curls with Cantu’s expertly-crafted pomade for thick, curly hair. It’s infused with pure shea butter and natural oils for deeply-penetrating moisture and frizz reduction, and helps to create texture, lift and control in seconds. Use to set knot twists and protective plaits, and smooth edges, ends and flyaways in seconds. This is a great everyday pomade for relaxed, texturised, coloured and permed hair, and is suitable for dry hair that needs a hydration boost as well as controlling hard-to-hold styles.

Best pomades for curly women

REDKEN Pliable Paste:

A superstar product which provides lasting shape memory and effortless workability, this medium hold hair putty for women allows you to twist, shape and texturise curly hair into changeable styles without heaviness. Create versatile styles on any hair length and shampoo out easily - no more flaking, greasy-feeling hair or hard-to-shift product build-up. If you have fine curly hair , avoid applying to your roots and gently work through your lengths for a matte, touchable style.

Fudge Vinyl Pomade:

If you’ve always struggled to spread pomade through your lengths, let Fudge do the hard work for you. This silky-feeling pomade with a light, fresh scent tames flyaways and frizz with a non-stick texture and a natural looking finish. Created with easy spreadability in mind, it’s designed to flow effortlessly through your lengths without too much rubbing or tugging, and can be used on wet or dry hair for a textured effect with medium hold. The humidity-resistant formula helps to maintain curl memory and is infused with coconut oil to smooth and add shine.

Wella EIMI Just Brilliant Shine Pomade:

Define and care for your curls with this anti-frizz pomade with a glossy, seductive finish. Specially formulated for frizzy hair lacking in texture, this smoothing and hydrating pomade protects hair against humidity, adds definition, height and shine, and gives your finished look a hint of subtle shimmer.

AW Anwoor Hair Wax Stick:

This medium hold pomade for women was developed for girls who want to try the latest curly styles with confidence. AW Anwar’s wax stick smooths flyaways and edges, adds fine texture and maintains curly hairstyles all day. It contains beeswax and avocado oil to nourish your strands and boost hydration, and the non-greasy, non-flaky formula smooths frizz, detangles and provides a natural-looking shiny finish.


How to use pomade on curly hair?
  • Add a small amount of pomade to your hands and warm the product between your palms to loosen its consistency
  • Run your hands through your lengths, paying attention to dry areas or areas prone to frizz
  • Gently comb the pomade through your hair using a wide-toothed comb. Don’t tug on any knots - use your fingers to detangle
  • Scrunch your hair from the tip towards the root to activate your natural curl pattern
  • Use a diffuser on a very low heat setting to dry your hair - place your hair right into the top of your diffuser to keep the natural curl structure
  • When your hair is 90% dry, allow to air-dry naturally
What does pomade do to curly hair?

Pomades are ideal for sculpting, slicking back and defining curly hairstyles. They’re similar in look and feel to hair clays and waxes - however, pomades tend to give a much shiner, glossier finish and are more suitable to styles that need a sharp parting. Pomades are perfect for more complicated styles that need an all-day shiny finish that won’t dry out, but they’re available in shiny and matte finishes if you want to take it easy on the gloss.

Pomades with medium and firm hold have structural properties that can help curly hair to hold certain looks, allowing you to try brand new hairstyles. They’re especially suited to vintage styles that may need reworking through the day, such as quiffs and pompadours

Is pomade good for curly hair??

Yes - pomade is a great choice for curly hair if you want to add texture and hold to your style. Pomade is much more versatile than you might first think; apply on damp curly hair for a softer, texturised finish with defined curls, and apply to dry curly hair for tighter, stronger hold with minimal flyaways.

Pomades tend to be creamier than waxes and clays, so they’re more suitable for curly hair as they spread more easily through your lengths, avoiding product build-up and over-saturating certain areas with pomade. Pomade also has frizzy-fighting properties and is ideal for sculpting and slicking curly hair in place.