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The Best Oils For Your Natural Curl Care

by Chelsea Castonguay
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More natural curlies are turning to all natural or organic curl care products. They want to know what’s in their products and how it’ll affect their curls. If you’re thinking very intentionally about what type of products you want to use, considering incorporating natural oils into your curl care regiment. These oils are easy to find and apply.

Castor Oil:

This oil is touted as being a miracle worker for curly girls. It is a little heavier, so if you have fine curls use it sparingly. When you use castor oil in your curls you might notice it will increase your curl growth by stimulating your scalp. Your hair might start coming in looking thicker and feeling fuller. It also helps reduce damage to your curls, as well as works to prevent long term damage. Curls will look shinier and healthier. You can use castor oil as a deep conditioner or as part of your daily moisturizing routine.

Coconut Oil:

This oil is a tried and true beauty product! It’s loved for more than just its great benefits for curls; many women use it as a face and body moisturizer as well. This oil is also on the heavier side, so curlies with fine hair should apply coconut oil lightly. However, it has tons of healthful benefits for your curls such as Vitamin E, which can help prevent curl loss. It can help manage dandruff and dry scalp by deeply penetrating into your curls and scalp to moisturize. It helps strengthen curls by working to reduce protein loss.

Avocado Oil:

If your curls are prone to damage and in need of extra TLC, consider picking up this lightweight oil. Apply it to your curls and scalp to lock in moisture. It works great as a leave in treatment or an option to pre poo. It adds back in lost shine and softness.

Olive Oil:

This is another great oil for those curlies with finer hair that don’t want their curls weighted down. It also has amazing benefits, such as increased curl elasticity. It also works as a great anti-bacterial, so if you have dandruff or other scalp issues consider utilizing this oil. It deeply penetrates damaged curls to strengthen delicate strands and will help curls grow.

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