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The Best Hairties for Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Finding a hair tie that will hold back your curls without snapping or causing breakage can be tricky. While there are tons of hair ties to choose from, not all are created equal. When selecting hair ties, look for ones that won't pull on curls, which causes breakage.

cotton hair ties


Cotton-wrapped elastics:

These hair ties are the most common and easy to find. They work well on all types of curly hair. These elastic bands wrapped in cotton provide excellent hold without breaking delicate curls. They come in lots of colors and are readily available at big box stores and online.

bungee band curly hair


Bungee hair bands:

While they may look a little intimidating, many curlies swear by these hair bands. They unclip, allowing you to unwrap your curls without pulling. These elastics are perfect for holding your curls back for longer periods of time without damaging your hair.

hair ties curly hair


Telephone wire hair ties:

These ties are made without elastic and hold your curls back by creating tension after being wrapped several times around a section of curls. They don't hold curls back as well as other types of hair ties, but are easy to remove and don't pull on your curls. These are great for pineappling your curls at night before bed.

satin scrunchie


Satin scrunchies:

These hair ties are an 80s throwback, but still effective for holding back your curls. Scrunchies are great for holding back curls while exercising or sleeping, as their satin fabric won't pull or snag curls. Today you can buy scrunchies in cuter fabrics and thinner brands than our moms used back in the day.

Interested in more hair ties, click here and let us know what your favorite style is!

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