The Best Hair Ties for Curly Hair

As much as we love letting our curls down and showing them off in all their natural glory, sometimes you need a hair tie which will keep your curls in check. If you’ve struggled with finding hair ties for curly hair in the past, relax - we’ve found the best hair bobbles which can help prevent breakage and hold your kinks, curls and coils in place.

The hair ties we’ve selected combat damage, tugging, snagging and creasing. We’ve also included several options without metal clasps or ties, as well as luxe silk options to up your glamour game.

Best Hair Ties for Thick Curly Hair


Burlybands’ seamless, durable design has earned them a huge fan club - and with good reason. They can handle even the thickest, heaviest curly hair, and promise heavy-duty hold with no slipping, damage or scalp pain from pulling on your roots. They also keep their shape and will last for months without stretching or becoming warped.

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties:

These bands’ spiral ‘telephone cord’ design cleverly works to evenly distribute the pressure across your curls when you tie them back, helping to reduce breakage and reducing creases on your ponytail after removal. As they’re made from plastic, they’re also great for the gym or swimming, as water won’t damage their non-absorbent material. The super-smooth design easily slides through curls and coils, so you can avoid creating tangles when you take them out.

Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies:

Soft, silky and designed for hair which needs an extra dose of TLC, these luxurious scrunchies are perfect for thick hair which is prone to breakage after being tied up. They’re also ideal for people who tend to get tension headaches after tying their hair back, as they offer reliable hold without tugging on your roots. If you need to tie your hair back overnight, the soft material won’t press into your scalp or neck while you sleep - pair with a satin bonnet for the last word in overnight curl care.

Best Hair Ties for Thin Curly Hair

Swirlycurly Snap Hair Ties:

These gentle hair ties ‘snap’ into place to instantly adjust to your hairstyle, so no more wrapping hair ties around your ponytail until it’s too tight - or not tight enough. These bands come with an adjustable snappable popper which clips into place around your ponytail for no-snags hold and no slipping. Simply take the tie, wrap it around your style, and click it into place. Plus, they look great on your wrist, they’re machine-washable and tumble dryer safe. Win-win.

Woohubs Hair Ties:

These spiral hair ties come in a range of on-trend matte colours and won’t hurt thin curly hair that tends to break after tying up. Their ‘infinity’ design means hair won’t snag or tangle after removal, and they’re also waterproof, oilproof and ideal for swimming and gym classes. Their range of colours means they’re suitable for all hair shades - we like pairing the darker greens and blues with blonde curly hair for an on-trend finish.

Goody Ouchless Womens Elastic Hair Tie:

These thinner hair bands effortlessly bridge the gap between super-thin hair ties (which tend to break) and thicker hair ties which thin curly hair doesn’t need. The high-quality elastic is covered with a non-snag soft fabric to care for your curls, and resists stretching after prolonged use. Plus, with 100 in every pack, you’ll never be without a hair tie again - slip them into your handbag, gym bag and desk drawer to use whenever you need.

Best Hair Ties for Curly Girl Method

Wild & Stone Plastic Free Hair Ties: The all-natural Curly Girl Method requires hair ties which align with your overall hair goals. These black elastic hair bands are made with natural plant-based rubber, and contain no plastics - ideal if you’re taking care of the environment while taking care of your curls. Their no-snag design is gentle on delicate strands and there’s no metal clasp to catch or pull on your hair. They’re biodegradable, too - use them as part of your all-natural curl care regime .

JessLab Hair Ties:

These soft, gentle hair ties are perfect for people just starting the Curly Girl Method, and want to give their hair a rest while they wait for improvements. They come in six summery pastel shades, contain no metal parts and have a durable, comfortable cotton covering which won’t drag on your hair or create tangles. They’re also suitable for kids, or people prone to snags and knots after workouts, yoga sessions or jogging.

Popband King Hair Ties:

Popband’s gentle, cotton-rich hairbands claim to be the ‘world’s kindest hair tie’ - and it’s easy to see how they’ve earned this accolade. Their stretchy, no-crease fabric gently holds your curls in place while resisting creases, bumps and dents, and the bands fit around your wrist when they’re not being used. They can also be used as a headband for when you’re washing your face or applying make-up, and their cute designs make them perfect stocking-fillers or gifts .

Best Silk Hair Ties for Curly Hair

Silkie Pure Silk Scrunchies:

Made from the highest-quality mulberry silk, these gorgeously-smooth scrunchies glide through your hair to effortlessly hold it in place with no damage, pulling or snagging. Use them to tie your hair back overnight without friction or tangles, and minimise frizz , thanks to silk’s ability to preserve your hair’s moisture levels. Each scrunchie set comes with a matching silk pouch, and you can hand wash your scrunchies if they need a quick refresh.

LilySilk Silk Scrunchies:

If you’re all about keeping your aesthetic minimal and clean, these black and champagne silk scrunchies will tie your look together in a flash. They’re made from 100% Grade 6A mulberry raw silk - known for its smoothing and anti-frizz properties - and work well on thick and thin curly hair. Silk fibres are structurally-similar to human hair, so using chemical-free silk hair accessories reduces damage, minimises the appearance of split ends and reduces frizz.

Share Maison Pure Natural Mulberry Silk:

This versatile silk headband is perfect for days when you want to give your look a little vintage feel - or you just want to look chic while you focus on your Pilates practice. Made with 100% mulberry silk, this stylish headband is as gentle on your skin as it is to your hair, and protects your hair from damage and breakage. Silk resists mites, mould and fungus which fabric headbands can harbour, so it’s also a great choice for people with allergies and sensitive skin.


What are curly hair ties for?

Curly hair ties are for holding curly, wavy, and coily hair back for showering, washing your face, exercising or just to let you focus on busy days. There are thousands of hair ties for curly hair to choose from - but we’d recommend that you go for soft, flexible ties made without metal to prevent damage, snagging, pulling and creasing.

Curly hair often responds badly to hair ties as rough, abrasive coverings can lead to frizz, damage and split ends, and tight ties can leave dents or bumps in your hair after removal. A good hair tie won’t cause damage or grip your hair too tightly, and will care for your hair while you’re using it.

How to shrink curly hair ties

Sometimes, coiled or spiral plastic hair ties can lose their natural shape after heavy use and start looking ‘baggy’ or oversized.

To shrink plastic coiled hair ties back to their normal shape, pop your plastic hair tie into a cup or bowl, and pour boiling water over it. The hair tie will instantly shrink back to its normal size in just a few seconds. Carefully scoop it out of the hot water using a spoon and pop the hair tie onto a few pieces of kitchen roll to let it dry out before using.