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The Best Curl Care Products For Summer

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Summer can be as hard on your curls as winter but for different ways. In the summer, it's as important to keep curls hydrated as it is in the colder months. However, your curls are being exposed to tons of different elements, from UV rays at the beach to smoke and wind at late night festivals. You want your curls to be on fleek but you don't want them to be weighed down with too much product. Check out these great curl care products that'll see you through the water months.

Cleanse: Check out JessiCurl Hair Cleansing CreamWhile it might be tempting because it's hot and sweaty out, try to avoid over use of shampoos in the summer month, as they will dry out your curls. Switch up your usual cleansing routine to use a cleansing conditioner instead.

Condition: Check out Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Conditioning MaskThe more exposure your curls get the more at risk they are for dryness and damage. Incorporate a lightweight deep conditioning treatment into your weekly wash day routine.

Leave in: Check out Mixed Chicks Leave-in ConditionerLeave in conditioners are essential for making sure hair stays hydrated and moisturized. Before jumping into the ocean or pool make sure to protect your strands by applying some extra leave in.

Style: Check out Mop Top Light-Hold Anti-Frizz GelWhen styling your curls for warmer months, consider switching it up with a lightweight gel or jelly. Adding a gel over your leave in conditioner will help seal in moisture and keep your hair from frizzing up.


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