The 8 Things Every Curly Girl Needs

curly hair

When it comes to maintaining your curls, there are a few things that every curly girl needs. We don’t know about you, but we like to avoid clutter and spending too much on products that we won’t use very much down the road. That said, here is a list of eight great products or items that every curly girl should have in her curlcare toolkit.

Denman brush: While we don’t really recommend brushing your curls, if you simply can’t give it up we recommend you switch to a Denman brush. You can find these at just about any beauty supply store or pharmacy. It can help you smooth and define unruly curls.

Wide tooth comb: When it comes to detangling your curls, you’re going to want to pick up one of these babies. Curls tend to snarl a lot, so a nice quality wide toothed comb can help you work through the worst of your tangles without causing unnecessary damage.

Deep conditioner: No matter what your curl type, this is something you want to be doing regularly, about once a week or so. Deep conditioners will help add moisture back to your curls, and help manage frizz.

Leave in conditioner: After you’ve cleansed your curls, you’ll want to add this in before you begin styling. A leave in will help replenish lost moisture and make your curls easier to style by helping create more slip.

Eco styler gel: You get a lot of bang for your buck with this vat of gel! It works great to smooth and control edges, helps add definition to curls and doesn’t leave behind that gross, crunchy feel that some gels do.

Protein treatment: Protein will help your curls stay healthy, which will lead to less breakage and damage, You won’t want to use it every time you cleanse, but it’s something to add to your monthly repertoire of curl care.

Curl refresher: Since we don’t wash our curls every day, after a few days your curls can look a little drab. Invest in a great curl refresher (or make your own) to keep your curls look great every day.

Wrap: When you get out of the shower, you might be used to rubbing your curls dry with a terrycloth towel. We are going to recommend you top that immediately and invest in a microfiber turban wrap or a microfiber towel. Terry cloth can damage your curls by pulling on delicate strands.