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5 Reasons To Use Mayonnaise In Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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5 Reasons To Use Mayonnaise In Your Curls


Have you ever considered using mayonnaise in your curls? It may sound kind of strange, but this creamy condiment is good for more than just sandwiches! Not only is it inexpensive, mayonnaise is loaded with healthful ingredients that are fabulous for curls. Here's 5 reasons to use mayonnaise in your curls. Slather it on, and enjoy the amazing results!

5 Reasons To Use Mayonnaise In Your Curls


Are you trying to grow out your curls long and strong? If so, the secret might be right in your fridge. The protein in the egg yolks can strengthen fragile strands. The vinegar and oils combine to create a soothing, strengthening treatment for delicate strands. Finally, the L-cysteine encourages a healthy scalp, which leads to better growth.

What You Need To Care For Curls

Kills lice:

While this fortunately isn't a life threatening issue, lice can be a difficult nuisance to eradicate. Therefore, it's important to have some treatments ready to go. Mayonnaise can do the trick due to its thick, creamy consistency. When lice crop up, completely cover the scalp and curls from roots to tips with mayonnaise and allow to sit, covered, for several hours. This will smother and kill both nits and lice.


Looking for a cheap and easy deep conditioning treatment? It's no secret that deep conditioning products can be pretty expensive. Therefore, you can consider customizing your own products right at home. Use mayonnaise as the base.

The Dos And Donts of Frizzy Curls

Defines curls:

Taking care of curls is a lot of work. As a result, it's important to have some ways to manage your curls in your back pocket. Mayonnaise can help this process. Mayonnaise can be used as a treatment on dry, distressed, or damaged curls. It can help restore the broken structure of curls, reduce frizz, restore moisture, and enhance shine. Really, what's not to love about using mayonnaise in your curls?

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