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5 Protein Free Curl Care Products

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to making sure your curls are well balanced and healthy, it's important to have a god mix of protein and moisture. However, too much of either can make your curls unbalanced. If you find yourself needing a product without protein, with a little looking you'll be able to find one.

When you're selecting a moisturizing product, look for one without protein, as too much can actually damage your curls. You're going to want to use a separate protein treatment and make sure the products you use in your curl care regime are protein free. Here a few you can check out:

BIG HAIR Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment: This deep conditioning product helps rejuvenate dry, dull curls into soft, well defined tresses. The blend of oils works with the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay to gently moisturize and exfoliate your strands. It also helps soothe any dandruff or scalp distress, like psoriasis.

EDEN BODYWORKS Jojoba & Manoi Deep Conditioner: This deep conditioner is full of highly moisturizing oils that are nutritious for your curls. It also works to help strengthen your curls, and add back in elasticity and bounce. It's full of ingredients that retain moisture, such as fatty alcohols and glycerin.

ALIKAY NATURALS Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask: If your curls lack luster and shine, this mask will help restore their sheen. It also helps encourage curl growth by stimulating the scalp with peppermint oil and burdock root, which may help manage thinning curls or an irritated scalp.

CAROL’S DAUGTHER Rhassoul Clay Softening Hair Mask: If your curls have been feeling rather lifeless, dry or brittle, this clay mask might be what your curls need. The Rhassoul clay can work to add back in missing moisture, while the shea butter and argan oil keep moisture balanced.

AS I AM Hydration Elation: Curls that are deeply distressed might need a little extra TLC to help them reclaim their former glory. This product is loaded with healthy, moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, fatty alcohol, a herbal blend and shea butter. Your curls will be super soft and moisturized.

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