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Faux Hair, Don’t Care: Find Your Favorite Clip-in Extensions For Curly Hair Now

by Michelle Swift
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Curly Hair Extensions Clip-in
If you’ve yearned for just a few more inches, are looking to sport a pastel hue on the weekend or want some more va va voom in your locks, clip-in extensions are your answer. They are the quickest way to add length, volume and color to your hair any day of the week, all you have to do is snap them into your natural hair and bam! You have an unbe-weave- able new look in a matter of minutes. But, before you go out and buy a set, be sure to check out our guide that’ll give you everything you need to know before you go faux.

Why choose clip-ins over other types of extensions?

Clip-ins are a great alternative to permanent extensions; they can last a long time, you can put them in yourself, and they’re much more affordable. While permanent extensions can cost you well over $1,000, clip-ins are easier on the wallet ranging from $12 a strand to $400 for a full set. They’re easy to maintain and you can style them as you please. They are great for going glam at parties or stepping things up a notch at weddings. They are low maintenance and can be in one day and out the next.

How do I know which length to buy?

Shorties: We’re talking chin length or shorter you’ll want to grab the 10-14 inch length.
Mid-Lengths: Anything between chin length and collarbone length shoot for 14-18 inch extensions.
Long Locks: Basically anything past your collarbone is game for 18 inches or longer.

Should I buy a 1-piece or multiple pieces?

It’s true, that a 1-piece is going to be super easy to put in — like extensions for dummies, but if you’re going to invest in extensions do yourself a favor and go for the multiple pieces as they offer so much more when it comes styling options. Multiple-piece extensions are sold in wefts, that will vary in width and they can be clipped in and out of your hair in a matter of minutes. With practice, it shouldn't take you any longer than 5 minutes to apply a full set of clip-in extensions.

Can I reuse my clip-in extensions?

Yes! This is what clip-ins are all about. As long as you care for them properly, they can last anywhere from 3-6 months or even a year. Never sleep in them and remember to wash and condition them just like your regular hair, let air-dry and
store them in an airtight container. Check out the video for a step-by- step tutorial on caring for your clip-ins.source: youtube.com @ Rayann410

Where do curly girls buy clip-in extensions and how do I put them in?

Having difficulty clipping in your hair extensions? Don´t know where each weft goes? Don't panic ‘cause we have the definitive guide to finding the perfect extensions to match your hair and how to put them in right here:
1. Curl Sistas: If shrinkage is real in your life and some days you simply crave a few extra inches, Curl Sistas has your back. Watch the vlog to learn how to take your TWA to greater lengths by clippin’ in Curl Sistas clip-ins.source: youtube.com @ NaturallyPhilo
2. Lush Hair Extensions: Want to take that bob to great lengths? Lush offers 100% natural remy hair that’s sourced ethically and goes to great lengths to make sure that their hair extensions are undisguiseable. Watch Alex as she demonstrates how to stack and position your clip-ins for an ultra glam look.source: youtube.com @ Lush Hair Extensions Ltd

3. Her Given Hair: So, it may not be the hair your Mama gave you, but nobody would ever guess! That’s how realistic Her Given Hair’s clip-ins are. Check out JeweJewe Bee, as she tries extensions for the first time — all the way from unboxing to co-washing and even showing us how to blend the extensions with minimal leave-out.source: youtube.com @ JeweJewe Bee

4. Hair Are Us: Hair Are Us, is a girly “hair haven” where you will find your faux-real hair that will seamlessly blend with your very own. Follow the Find Guru, as she walks through the works: From selecting the perfect extensions to blend with your natural hair, to demonstrating how to DIY your own clip-ins with a Hair Are Us wefted bundle. She even shares her secrets for dyeing your new extensions to match your natural color and finally, the best way to deep condition your clip-ins to keep that flawless curl pattern.source: youtube.com @ The Find Guru

5. Bella Curls: Curl sisters unite with these premium quality, 100% Malaysian, Brazilian and Mongolian extensions that come in curly, kinky, afro and wavy. A little length and volume for all hair types! Here is a step-by- step tutorial on how you can install the curly clip-ins yourself.source: youtube.com @ Bella Kurls

6. Kurly Klips: These extensions are on a mission to empower women and their personal hair journeys. They want curly girls like you to have options and control over your hair and these textured clip-ins offer versatility and protective styling so that you can have some fun and keep your natural health healthy and strong. Push play, if you want to whip it and whip it good, ‘cause Jasmin is throwin’ down a tutorial on styling a super sweet pineapple style with Kurly Klips, clip-ins.source: youtube.com @ Kurly Klips Clip-In Extensions

There you have it, the fastest and most faux-real way for you to transform the look of your hair
without damaging your natural hair or breaking the bank. Rock those clip-in extensions curly

Michelle Swift

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