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Your Guide To Rocking Your Gorgeous Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Your Guide To Rocking Your Gorgeous Curls


Have you ever paused for a minute to realize how lucky you are? If you have curly hair, you're one of the lucky ones! Curls are beautiful, unique, and often envied by others. However, we sometimes hear from curly girls who struggle to fully embrace their curls. We want you to love your curls as much as we do! Here's your guide to rocking your gorgeous curls.

Your Guide To Rocking Your Gorgeous Curls

The Secret to Frizz Free Curls

Your Guide To Rocking Your Gorgeous Curls

Wash right:

Save yourself time and money by making sure you are washing your curls correctly. This means you should wash your curls in the morning. Your strands will have more time to dry and set, and you won't have to deal with wrangling second day curls. If you have to wash your curls the night before, make sure to tie your strands up on the top of your head loosely to avoid crushing your curls.

Your Guide To Cowashing Your Beautiful Curls

Lock moisture in:

After washing your curls, it'll be important to lock moisture in. Without keeping moisture in, hair will become susceptible to dryness, and seek moisture from the air. This leads to frizz, which nobody has time for. Make sure you're utilizing a leave in conditioner immediately after showering and lock it in with moisture lock products.

Avoid brushes:

Brushes aren't your friend, curly girl! While raking a brush through your hair might seem like a quick way to comb your hair, all this will do is completely disrupt your curl pattern, which will lead to more issues down the road. Therefore, skip the brush and use your fingers or a wide toothed comb instead. This will make it less likely that your curls will be disrupted.

Diffuse effectively:

Using a diffuser is a great way to get volume into your curls and to dry them quickly. Be judicious about your heat use, as overuse will damage your delicate strands.

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