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Why We Love Afro Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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We can't get enough of naturally curly hair. There are so many gorgeous types and styles of curls, but one that doesn't get enough celebration are Afro hair styles. We are here for this, and this is why we love Afro hair! Make sure you drop us a line to tell us why you love Afro hair, or to share a photo of yourself rocking your Afro. We love hearing from you!

Why We Love Afro Hair

It's amazing:

There's no doubt that Afro hair is amazing. Whether you've opted for a cropped short cut, or you rock your long locks, your curls are your spectacular crown. We love absolutely everyone who is here rocking their natural styles and letting the world see them for who they really are.

Short is sexy:

Have you ever considered going really short with your Afro hair? If so, there's no doubt that it's going to be an amazing look on you. One of the amazing things about your type of curls is how fabulous your strands look when chopped short. A few inches of growth, or even a close buzz bring a chic and edgy look to your style. Not to mention, there are so many amazing patterns and designs that your stylist can add to elevate your look or create a unique style that's all you.

So many choices:

The texture of your curls offers so many ways to style your strands, which makes everyone else totally envious. You get more volume and lift, as well as the ability to carry off styles most of us can only hope for. Whether you opt to rock protective styles or wash and goes, your Afro curls are going to make sure your strands stand out. Not to mention, you can also opt to rock your frizz, define your curls, or let your strands do what they please. When it comes to styles, the sky is literally the limit for you.

Adornments are for you:

While some of us only wish our curls would support different accessories, your strands were made for this! From head wraps, hair bands, clips, and barrettes, your strands can handle them all. There are tons of chic and elegant hair accessories out there, so don't be afraid to adorn your curls. Wrap a scarf around your ponytail, or tuck some flowers behind your ear. Your gorgeous curls will hold it all in place without worrying about slip. Trust us, we're envious!

What do you love most about your natural curls?

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