Which Oil You Should Use In Your Curls?

Which Oil You Should Use In Your Curls?


Many curly girls are using oil as a curl care treatment. Oils are great as a pre poo, as well as for hot oil treatment. However, not all oils are great for all curly hair types. Since there are so many oils out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Do you know which oil you should use in your curls? If not, check out this guide to help you pick.

You Should Use In Your Curls?

Fine curls:

If you have fine or thin curls, you’ll need a lightweight oil. Heavier oils will drag down curls, making strands appear greasy. Some good lightweight choices include jojoba, argan, almond, and camellia seed oil. These oils will help lock moisture in or give a good pre poo without dragging strands down. Jojoba works best for a daily oil, as it most closely resembles the scalp’s natural sebum.

Thick curls:

If you have thick, kinky coils, you might need something a little heftier. Fortunately, you have a wide array of oils you can choose from. Oils that will work well for you might include virgin olive oil, avocado, castor, and macadamia oils.  As an added bonus, several of these oils are often pantry staples, so you can try it out without breaking your budget.

Frizzy curls:

No matter what type of curl you have, odds are along the way you’ll have some damage or frizz. When this happens, you might want to reach for some oils to help soothe distressed strands. Sealing oils are your best bet for frizz management, as it creates a smoothing film on top of your curl’s shaft. Light sealing oils can work well for fine hair and include jojoba, almond, sunflower, or grapeseed oil. For heavier curls, try castor, linseed, sesame, or cocoa butter.

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