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What You Should Be Including In Your Curl Care Regimen

by Chelsea Castonguay
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What You Should Be Including In Your Curl Care Regimen

Whether you're interested in transitioning to your natural curls, or are already rocking them, understanding how to care for curls is crucial. When it comes to taking care of your curls, a good curl care regimen is important. Here's what you should be including in your curl regimen.

Step One: Cleanse

Most curlies choose to cleanse their hair 2-3x per week and sometimes less in the winter months. When cleansing, decide if a co wash or a shampoo is right for you. Select a natural product that is free of sulfates or parabens. Wash in sections, making sure to massage the scalp. Learn more about cleansing your curls below!

A Guide On Cleansing Curls

Step Two: Condition/Detangle

If you skip any of these steps, don't skip conditioning. Curls need the extra boost of moisture because it's lost after shampooing. When you have conditioner in your curls, that's a great time to detangle. Use a wide toothed comb or fingers to remove knots one at a time.

Step Three: Moisturize

Curls lose a lot of their moisture after a shower, so make sure to replenish your strands. This can include using a leave in conditioner or curl refreshing spray as your daily moisturizer. This will ensure your curls don't get dried out and are easy to style.

Step Four: Deep Condition

Your curls go through a lot every day, so offer them a little TLC with a great deep conditioner. Consider picking up a creamy, thick product that can cover all your curls to offer extra hydration. A good deep conditioner will make curls smoother, softer, and easier to style.

Understanding how these steps work together is important. You'll need to pick what products work for you, make time, and follow through to keep your curls healthy and happy! What does your curl care regimen look like? Let us know!

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