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What To Do When You’re A Curly Hair Newbie

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're someone who's been straightening their hair for a long time, you might not fully know how to take care of your curls. That's ok! There's a lot of information and misinformation out there, but we've got you covered. This is what to do when you're a curly hair newbie. Give these suggestions a try, and let us know what your tips and tricks might be for other curly girl newbies.

What To Do When You're A Curly Hair Newbie

Limit shampoos:

When it comes to shampooing your curly hair, less is more. Try to limit the amount of times you shampoo your curls to once a week, bi weekly or even monthly. Shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving behind strands that are starved for moisture. Instead, opt for cowashes, and get familiar with a great brand of dry shampoo.

Hot oil treatments:

Odds are, if you haven't been wearing your strands curly your hair has sustained some damage. Curls are naturally more prone to dryness and frizz, but a good hot oil treatment will help that out. Apply a hot oil treatment every other week to help soften your curls restore moisture, and you may even notice increased shine.

Always condition:

Whenever you wash or cowash your curls, you;ll need to follow up with a conditioning treatment. For regular washes, make sure to use a good rinse out conditioner. BI weekly, add in a good, moisture-based deep conditioning treatment, and allow it to sit on your curls for at least 60 minutes. Finally, use a leave in conditioner to infuse your curls with moisture daily. This also works to refresh curls that have been flattened overnight, or are in need of an extra boost.

Stock your cabinets:

Taking care of curls does require some accessories. However, this can be as complicated or as simple as you'd like it. For products, take your time to investigate what works for your type of curls, and invest your money wisely in good-quality products. While there definitely are some out there that work effectively without a high price tag, there are also lots of times you get what you pay for. Instead of spending a little on a lot of products, try to find 2-3 good products that work for you. Additionally, it canm also be worthwhile to invest in some styling aids. A hair dryer with a diffuser, cloth hair ties, bobby pins, clips, a shower cap, and a silk cap or pillowcase can all help vastly improve how to manage taking care of your curls.

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