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What It’s Like To Have Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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What It's Like To Have Curly Hair


What It's Like To Have Curly Hair

Let's be honest; having curly hair is a unique experience. Unlike our friends with straight textures, curly hair requires a lot of work to maintain. Additionally, no two sets of curls are alike, so it can be hard to find curl care role models. If you've ever wanted to explain what it's like to have curly hair, we have you covered! Make sure you write in to let us know your experiences with your curls.

What It's Like To Have Curly Hair


You never know what each day will bring

Will you wake up with a head of marvelous, perfect strands? Or will your hair resemble a stack of hay? Truly, every morning is surprise when it comes to curls!

It's an investment

When you have to skip brunch to wash and set your curls, your friends don't always get it. Curly girls know that taking care of curls means spending a lot of time and sometimes cash on your strands. Therefore, they often take the time to make sure they're scheduling their life around wash and style days.

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Brushes aren't our friend

Taking are of our curls is a unique task, but for all of us brushes are a no go. Nothing will disrupt your natural curl pattern more quickly than dragging a brush through your strands. As a result, we have to spend time individually working through each knot to make sure we aren't damaging our delicate strands.

People try to touch our hair

Is there anything more aggravating than when people reach out to touch our strands? Excuse us, but touching without permission is never acceptable. Even if you ask, expect us to say no. Our hair isn't for your to pet, touch, or examine.

Our strands are amazing:

While there can be a lot of things that are frustrating about having curls, at the end of the day there really isn't anything better! Our curls are unique and beautiful, just like we are. Therefore, we embrace our strands and do our best to educate others!

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