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Try This Easy Style To Make Your Mornings Smooth

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you the type who prefers to save a few extra minutes for sleep, instead of spending it on your curls? If so, no judgement from us! We also love to sleep in whenever we can, but we also like to have great curls. Especially during these trying times, having a few quick and easy styles in your back pocket can help you feel put together, while also making sure you have plenty of time for self-care. So you see, it's possible to have both! One of the great things about this super-easy to try hair style is that it works really well on second or third day curls, so you won't need to wash your strands before getting started. Try this easy style to make your mornings smooth. Try this fast and easy styles, and don't forget to let us know if they work for you.

Easy Styles To Make Your Mornings Smooth

Pull through pony:

This look is ultra easy, and will work great on thicker curls with more volume and texture. Start by refreshing your second or third day curls with dry shampoo, focusing on your roots to create volume. Smooth your hair back from your head, and gather it at the crown of your head. Secure it with a fabric wrapped hair tie, and then pick up half of the ponytail, leaving the bottom part loose. Then, create three or four sections down the curls, tying each off with an elastic. Remember, this will depend on how long your curls are, and how big you make the sections. The bigger the sections, the looser the pull throughs will be. After the sections are secured, start by pulling your hair up and through the sections, creating bumps. Continue all the way down your hair, and then secure it at the bottom. Once this is finished, you can adjust as necessary, by loosening the curls or by pulling them in to keep it tighter. Spritz your strands with hair spray to help hold your curls in place, and then gently pull the sections of the braids, fluffing it up without pulling it out of the braid. By the end, you should have a full, voluminous braid that looks chic but is oh so easy.

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