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Try These Styles For Long Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When you finally achieve that desired length for your curls, it can feel really amazing! However, it's also easy to find yourself falling into old patterns and wearing the same hairstyles. Therefore, we think it's time to mix things up. Try these styles for long curls. These are easy, and great ways to try some fresh looks. Let us know which is your favorite.

Try These Styles For Long Curls

Long shag:
The 70s are back, baby, and the shag style is back. This look works really well for curly girls, as it uses a lot of layers to create texture. As a result, the weight is removed from your curls, giving extra lift and body. A small fringe helps create some visual interest across the forehead.


If you're looking for a relatively low impact way to spruce up your mane, some highlights might just be the way to do it. Highlights can help showcase individual strands, creating texture without cutting your curls. Make sure you work with a professional stylist to make sure you're coloring your curls in the safest way to avoid damage.

Textured cut:

A great way to keep things fresh is with a new cut. A textured, shoulder skimming cut can give some much needed weight reduction, but still allows you enough hair to pull back. One of the great things about this type of cut is it allows you to play with where your part lies, so you can flip it around to help create some volume or to change things up.

Deep side part:

If you're interested in keeping your length but still pepping things up, try playing around with your part. As discussed above, a part can be helpful for curly girls when it comes to mixing things up. A deep side part will help showcase your curls, as well as creates some lift on the other side of your head.

Full fringe:

Curly girls are often persuaded to avoid a fringe, and we think that's just silly. When cut correctly, a fringe can be a really fun and easy way to change up your look. As your stylist to start with a light fringe, and then add more as your comfort increases. This might also be a good time to get some layers, as well!

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