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The Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When you have curls it's easy to fall into a rut when it comes to caring for them. With ruts can come laziness. However, getting lazy with your curl care can be disastrous for your strands. Here are the things you shouldn't do to your curls if you want them to look great.

Don't overwash:

Most curly girls don't actually need to shampoo their curls that often. Shampooing too much can remove the natural oils your curls need to help them stay moisturized and can also disrupt their natural pattern. Try to limit the amount of washes you do to 2-4 times per month. On your off days, feel free to use a cowash or even rinse your strands with water to refresh your curls.

Don't pick a random stylist:

A good stylist is worth their weight in gold, so don't pick one willy nilly. Instead of just calling up a salon and making an appointment with whoever is free, ask the right questions to ensure you get a great experience with someone you can build a relationship with. Request a stylist who has and wears their natural curls, as well as someone who has experience and training in cutting curls. When you arrive for your appointment, make sure you discuss your goals and the time, energy, and money you can invest in your curl care to ensure you get the right cut.

Don't be worried about product:

Some people shy away from using product, but for curly girls it's essential! If you use any product, make sure you're using one that can help your curls retain moisture. Curls tend to get dry easily, so consider utilizing leave in treatments and serums to help keep your strands bouncy and shiny.

Don't ignore what your curls want:

This might sound kind of silly but hear us out. You've probably heard it said that curls have a mind of their own and to some extent this is true. Regardless of what you do, your curls are going to do what they want to some extent. Instead of fighting against it, try to embrace and love your strands! They're as unique and beautiful as you.


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