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The Products You Need For Your Low Porosity Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Products You Need For


Do you have low porosity curls? If so, you probably know your curls need a little extra TLC, as well as more individualized treatment. As a result, you're probably wondering what curl care products would work best for you strands. We've got you covered! These are the products you need for your low porosity curls. Give these suggestions a go, and let us know if it works for you.

The Products You Need For Your Low Porosity Curls

Products To Try On Low Porosity Curls

Skip humectants:
When selecting a product, try to avoid ones that list humectants in their ingredients during the winter months. This will draw water out of your hair. However, in the summer months humectants work well to bring moisture in. This is a good case for swapping out products based upon seasons and what your hair needs during that time of the year.
Skip protein:
Luckily for you, your curls won't need a whole lot of protein treatments! In fact, you should avoid the overuse of protein treatment in your low porosity curls. As a result, you'll just need to skip those products when purchasing. If you do feel your curls need a protein boost, opt for products containing silk, wheat, or hydrolyzed proteins.
Your curls are constantly going to be seeking moisture. Therefore, consider using products that contain a water based formula. You can also opt for liquid moisturizers or products, as these will absorb better into your curls. This doesn't mean you should skip out on deep conditioning treatments, however! Your curls will still benefit from a weekly deep conditioning. Add heat to help the product absorb into your strands and better retain moisture.
Go light:
When it comes time to select products, go light with your selections. Anything heavy will undoubtedly weight your strands down.  As a result, you need to avoid heavy styling products. Consider light oils, such as jojoba, and sweet almond instead of their heavier counter parts.

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