The Naturally Curly Girl’s Shopping List

The Naturally Curly Girl’s Shopping List

It’s hard to believe but the holidays are quickly approaching. If you are a curly girl or are buying for one, here are some of the items they might like to receive. Follow the naturally curly girl’s shopping list to find great presents for anyone on your list.

The Naturally Curly Girl’s Shopping List

The Naturally Curly Girl’s Shopping List

Pick up sulfate free shampoos for your curly girl. Lo poos are safer for delicate strands than their harsher counterparts.

Curly girls got through tons of conditioner, as they use it for everything from moisturizing to detangling. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should be sulfate free.

Deep conditioner:

A tub of a good quality deep conditioner is worth its weight in gold to curly girls. They need to regularly deep condition to keep those curls healthy.

Leave-in Conditioner:

Following their showers, most curly girls spritz their manes with leave-in conditioner to replace any moisture lost while cleansing, as well as create slip. There are tons to choose from and you don’t have to spend a lot to get a great quality product.

Hair cream:

Most curly girls rely on a hair cream to help get those structured curls. Before purchasing, check with your curly girl to see what type they need. Some creams can be too heavy for finer curls.


Curly girls who follow the LOC method definitely will get a lot of use out of some natural curl care oils. There are a lot to choose from, so once again ask your curly girl which type they prefer. Some oils are better suited for specific curl types than others.

Not all curlies use gels, but many to to help retain the shape of their curls. There are lots of different choices, but your curly girl will love some of this in their stocking!


Curly girls use a lot of different accessories to get the job done. The curly in your life might like some headbands, pony tail holders, scrunchies, perm rods for twist outs, satin bonnets, silk pillowcases, or headscarves to help manage her tendrils. Some other great options include hair clips, spray bottles, and wide toothed combs.

Great Gift Ideas for Curly Girls