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The Ingredients To Avoid For Long Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Ingredients To Avoid For Long Curls


Are you struggling to grow out your curls? Achieving long curls is a goal of many curly girls. However, there can be some roadblocks to achieving this success. Therefore, you might want to investigate what could be restricting your curl growth. Rule out hormonal issues, or damage first.  Then, consider what you're putting on your curls. These are the ingredients to avoid for long curls. If you're using products with these ingredients, it might be time to think about switching up your products.

The Ingredients To Avoid For Long Curls

Why Long Curls Might Not Be For You

Propylene glycol:

This ingredient is reported to be a skin irritant, causes hives, and dermatitis. Avoid especially if your scalp is dry and irritated.

Sodium lauryl sulfate:

This ingredient is one of the most harmful. It's found in 90% of beauty products, and is tough to avoid.  You can find this ingredient in products that foam, such as traditional shampoo. It causes skin, eye, and lung irritation.


Preservatives such as parabens suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. Parabens are in a wide variety of products. However, parabens contain properties that mimic estrogen. When absorbed into the skin, parabens  contribute to the growth of breast cancer. Therefore, this is a critical ingredient to avoid.

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Many curly girls choose product based on the scent.  Fragrances are found in health and beauty products. Additionally, fragrances are often in cleansing products. Artificial fragrances are linked to a variety of serious ailments. These issues include allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress, and reproductive issues.

Check out our part II of ingredients to avoid in your curl care products for more details. When picking your products, do your best to avoid harmful chemicals. Remember, chemicals can contribute to a decrease in curl growth, as well as overall health related issues.



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