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The Inescapable Truths Of Having Thick Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Inescapable Truths Of Having Thick Curls


It's no secret that thick curls are enviable! However, for those who rock them, they know how difficult those curls can be. Since we all need a little humor once in awhile, here are the inescapable truths of having thick curls. Enjoy!

The Inescapable Truths Of Having Thick Curls
Brushes are our foes:

Are you interested in having hair the size and texture of a poodle's? If so, rake a brush through your dry strands! You'll be sure to enjoy a day of frizzy, wiry, out of control tendrils. Additionally, brushes can cause quite a bit of breakage. While we appreciate our straight haired friends who can use a boar bristle brush like nobody's business, we'll stick with our wide toothed combs, thank you very much.

Hair clips don't survive:

Have you ever seen a curly girl rocking a cute little clip and thought “that poor sucker wouldn't stand a chance in my hair?” Well, you're right! The normal clips, bobbie pins, and thin hair bands our friends use to give their hair some pop are futile in the face of our majestic strands. If you attempt to use one, you might find it absorbed into your curls, only to have to be fished out later that evening. Is it a hair clip? Is it a Dorito leftover from lunch? The surprises lurking in the depths of our strands are endless.

We shed endlessly:

Aren't the girlfriends who leave love notes on their bathroom mirrors for their beaus the cutest? Ha! The truth is that they're mere amateurs. We leave entire love letters on the bathroom walls with the amount of curls we shed on wash day. We know, be jealous. It's also pretty sexy to find our curl tumbleweeds rolling around under your bed and sofas.

Wash days are a process:

While there is some appeal in the idea of washing your hair, styling it, and getting out the door in an hour, we like to take our sweet time. We know you can't rush perfection. Therefore, we take our time to wash our curls. Like a whole day. Also, sometimes it bleeds over into the morning because we are just that glam.

We own all the products:

You might as well keep your beauty supplies in the hall closet, because the bathroom is our turf. Our products need their own zipcode and we are not ashamed. There isn't a deep conditioner or styling cream we haven't bought and tried. Likewise, we'll definitely support you in your quest to buy new products. Need a review? We've got you covered.

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