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The Easiest Ways To Keep Natural Curls Healthy

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Easiest Ways To Keep Natural Curls Healthy


It's not a secret taking care of curls requires a bit of work. It can often feel as though you're spending more time on your curls than your friends on their straight strands. That's ok, because curls are awesome and totally worth it! However, it's great to have some tricks and tips up your sleeves for curl care. These are the easiest ways to keep natural curls healthy. Give these tips a try, and let us know if it works for you! We'd also love to hear about any tried and true techniques you utilize for healthy strands.

The Easiest Ways To Keep Natural Curls Healthy
Care for ends:

Ends are the most porous parts of hair and therefore most prone to breakage. To avoid moisture loss and snapping off, lubricate ends with oils. This will help seal down the ends, allowing curls to retain moisture.  It also will minimize the friction created between curls and clothing. However, understand that butters and oils aren't moisturizing agents. All they will do is seal down strands. Curls will need to be hydrated in order to stay healthy.

Deep condition:

Curls need extra moisture simply by how they're made. The curly coiled strands have difficultly receiving moisture from the natural oils created by the scalp. Therefore, strands need an extra boost. Deep conditioning treatments can help restore lost moisture. Deep conditioners will make curls soft, shiny, and easier to manage. Slather strands generously deep conditioner, cover curls with a plastic shower cap, and apply gentle heat for 30 minutes to see amazing results.

Get trims:

Skipping trims is one of the worst things one can do for their strands.  Make sure you're scheduling regular trims with your curly hair trained stylist. Removing dead ends will keep damage to a minimum. This will allow curls to grow stronger, and for healthy hair to come in.

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