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The Best Ways To Beat Frizz

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Frizz is the bane of so many curly girls' existences. It can be annoying and difficult to manage. However, there is plenty you can do to manage your frizzy hair. These are the best ways to beat frizz. If you have any suggestions you'd like to share for how you keep frizz under control, let us know.

The Best Ways To Beat Frizz


The Best Ways To Beat Frizz

Skip sulfates, embrace glycerin:

When picking shampoos, skip any that contain sulfates. Instead, opt for something with glycerin listed among the first few ingredients. Sulfates are very drying to curls, which leads to frizz. Glycerin will penetrate deeply into the curl's shaft, hydrating from the inside out.

Use a shine serum:

Serums are often designed to help manage unruly manes. It works by coating the hair with ingredients to smooth down wayward strands. It helps smooth down cuticles for a glossy surface.

Use conditioner:

Even if you think your curls are well hydrated, odds are you still need to condition your strands. Without moisture, your curl's cuticle will expand to seek it out. This will make your curl's shaft appear rough and disheveled. Make sure you're using conditioner after every shampoo, and follow up with a weekly deep conditioning treatment as well. Additionally, alternate with a protein treatment to make sure curls are staying strong and protected.

Groom correctly:

Don't take a brush to dry curls. All you'll do is disrupt your natural curl pattern and create damage. Therefore, it's important to think about how you're grooming your curls. Make sure your styling tools are the correct ones for your curl type, and that all are in good working order.

Take time drying:

While air drying is best, not everyone has the time to do it every single time they wash. It's not fun going out in the cold with soaking wet hair. If you must use heat, allot enough time to do it correctly. This includes removing excess moisture correctly, and blow drying with a diffuser.

How To Fight Frizz

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