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The Best Wash Routine For 2a/2b Wavy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Best Wash Routine For 2a/2b Wavy Curls


Have you ever struggled with your type 2a/2b wavy curls? Many curly girls with wavier strands express difficulty managing their curls. This is often because their finer curls will fall flat. However, there are ways to manage this. Great curls often start in the shower. This is the best wash routine for 2a/2b wavy curls. Try this routine out, and let us know if it works for you.

The Best Wash Routine For 2a/2b Wavy Curls
Go sulfate free:

If you're still using your mom's shampoo, it's time to make the swap. Opt for a sulfate, paraben, and fragrance free shampoo. The more natural, the better, as artificial ingredients can be very drying to curls. Wavy curls that are dry will be very difficult to manage.  You can purchase specific shampoos called “low poo” for this purpose.

Detangle safely:

Raking through dry curls with a brush is a sure fire way to disrupt your natural curl pattern. Instead, take the time to completely saturate curls, remove excess water, and then completely coat curls with a moisturizing conditioner. All the conditioner to sit before working through each individual knot. Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to tackle each knot slowly and carefully. After the conditioner has been used to detangle, scrunch it into your curls to help reshape them.

Rinse with cool water:

While warm water is perfect for helping to loosen up any debris on the scalp, wavy curls benefit from being rinse with cool water. This allows the cuticle to close back down, sealing moisture in. Rinse about 95% of the conditioner out, allowing a small bit to remain.

Apply while wet:

While curls are still soaked, apply your hair gel or styling product. This is best done while still in the shower. Afterward, plop your curls into an old, soft t-shirt or a microfiber towel. This will allow your curls to dry and hold in place without causing disruption.

Inspiration for Type 2 Wavy Curls

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