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The Best Products For Fine, Wavy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Best Products For Fine, Wavy Curls


This one is for our fine, wavy curly girls! Have you ever felt frustrated by your curls falling flat by day's end? Or worried that your products are dragging down your strands? It can be difficult to find products that feel like they're made for your particular type of curls. Wavy or fine curls require a bit more finessing than some of the other curly textures out there to maintain their natural shape. However, it can be done. These are the best products for fine, wavy curls. Have you tried any of these? If so, give us a shout and let us know what you like.

The Best Products For Fine, Wavy Curls


A good styling cream can help coax stubborn curls out of waves and hold them in place. The trick is finding one that is moisturizing without being too heavy. Give Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Cream a try for a product that holds shape and keeps curls soft.


This product can be useful in holding curls in shape. While using too much gel can result in sticky, crunchy curls, a small amount can hold curls in shape without creating that feeling. Kérastase Curl Fever Radiant Curl Shaping Gel works well.


Many wavy or curly girls express a wish for more volume in their strands. A good volume booster can help provide lift.  Kérastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder provides lift, works as a dry shampoo, and locks your curl's shape in.

Styling tools:

Having some tools that are fine curl friendly can make all the difference. Duck bill clips will hold curls in place for styling or drying without crushing strands. If you haven't yet, make the swap to a microfiber towel and skip the cotton terrycloth. Microfiber removes excess water without tearing strands. Finally, curls can get an extra boost by being dried with a diffuser. The diffuser cradles your strands, allowing curls to retain their natural shape while drying.

How To Style Your Fine Curls

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