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The Benefits Of Cowashing Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Benefits Of Cowashing Curls


If you haven't jumped on board the cowashing trend yet, it's time to consider. While it's seeing a sudden increase in popularity, not a lot of people know about cowashing. However, we think it's here to stay. Here are the benefits of cowashing curls. Do you cowash yet? If so, let us know how you like it.

The Benefits Of Cowashing Curls

Less frizz:

Cowashed curls are often less frizzy. This is because cowashes don't strip curls of natural oils like sulfate bearing shampoos do. Many of your regular shampoos are loaded with ingredients that can cause harm to delicate strands, like alcohols and surfectants. This is what gives the bubbly lather you're used to. The natural oils that lubricate your scalp and curls, providing extra moisture, will also remain. This means less dryness and therefore less frizz.


For curlies with chemically treated strands, such as dyes or bleaches, cowashes can be safer than regular shampoos. This is because cowashes provide a gentler cleansing. It can also help color last longer between salon visits.

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Provides a second day feel:

Many curlies say they enjoy their second day curls the best, as this provides some more heft for styling. Cowashing doesn't leave curls feeling squeaky clean, so many curlies actually prefer it. Curls will still be cleansed, but will be easier to style and manage. Product can be easily applied and revived the next day with a spritz of water.

Products work better:

Since the cowash will keeps curls healthier, your products will automatically work better. Products work better when applied to well hydrated strands, so a cowash can help get curls there.

Get definition:

Cowashed curls are often more defined, and hold their shape better. This is because they aren't dry and frizzy, but rather moisturized and hydrated. When used in conjunction with products, cowash can help make curls pop in their natural texture.

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