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Sleeping Safely With Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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A lot of damage can happen overnight to your curls, but don't despair! It's very preventable when you know how to take care of your curls overnight. Overnight curl care is really important for starting your hair off right on the next day. This is the way to be sleeping safely with curls. Give these suggestions a try, and let us know what your favorite tip was. Don't forget to tell us if there's anything that works for you we haven't mentioned.

Sleeping Safely With Curls

Get a routine:

It can be really tempting to drop into bed without making sure your curls are set. However, developing an overnight curl routine that works for you will make it much less tempting to just go to bed. Get your products all set before bed, and make sure to carve out enough time during your evening to take care of your curls start to finish.


Before hitting the sheets, make sure you're carefully protecting your curls. This means you might want to mist your curls with water or a leave in conditioner to give your strands a boost of hydration. Figure out how you want to sleep with your curls. Will you pineapple your strands, wear a bonnet, or a silk lined cap? Some curly girls opt for a silk or satin pillowcase to protect their curls. Either way, you'l need to determine what works best for you and what you have time for.


Throughout the week, there are a few things you're going to want to try to protect your curls. If you decide you're going to wash your curls, make sure to do it without plenty of time to dry your curls completely before bed. Additionally, you might want to think about massaging your curls before bed a couple days a week. Take your finger tips and carefully massage your scalp. If you're planning on washing your hair the next day, you can use a bit of oil. Massage will help break up build up or dandruff on your scalp, as well as help create move volume for your strands. Additionally, the massage will increase blood flow to your scalp, so you'll see an increase in growth.

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