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Protective Twists To Try On Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Adorably Easy Updos For Curly Hair

Do you ever wish you had some more ideas for protective styles? We all do! There are a lot of tried and true protective styles, and that makes it easy to fall into a rut. We often find ourselves doing the same old, same old when it comes to styling our curls. However, there are some really easy and great styles out there. Try these protective twists on your curls. We're sure you'll love how easy they are to do!

Protective Twists To Try On Your Curls

Protective Twists To Try On Your Curls


Twisted braids:

To get this adorable and chic look, start by parting your curls asymmetrically, so one side of your head has more than the other. Divide each section into three parts, and twist! Work the twists all the way to the bottom, like a braid, and secure with an elastic. Apply some smoothing serum to your ends, and enjoy your new look.

Protective Twists To Try On Your Curls


Smooth twists:

Sometimes, we need a look that can carry us from the workplace, to the evening, and even over the weekend. This smooth twisted updo is just the ticket. Create a deep leftside part, and then twist the hair back. Secure with elastics, and then create a low bun at the nape of your neck.

Protective Twists To Try On Your Curls


Side twist:

There isn't an easier or more elegant protective hairstyle out there! This side twist updo is incredibly easy. It works great for curlies with thicker, longer hair, but can also be done on different textures. Additionally, it works well on second, or even third day hair. Therefore, you'll be able to rock this look after your wash and go. To achieve this look, part your curls to create a deep side part. Gather up the thicker part, split into three even sections, and twist. Secure the end of the twist, and twist the other side of your hair. Wrap around to create a low bun and secure with pins.

Gorgeous And Easy Curly Hairstyles To Try Today

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