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Proof That You Can Rock Curly Bangs

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever wishes for curly bangs, but been told you can't rock them? If so, that's just not true! Curly hair is having a serious moment, as more and more curly haired women embrace their natural texture. Instead of straightening or flat ironing their tresses, naturalistas are letting their curls shine. With that comes more and more women, celebs included who are embracing their curly bangs. If you need proof that you can rock curly bangs, look no further. We've got you covered!

Proof That You Can Rock Curly Bangs


As a style icon and trendsetter, Beyonce takes her status as a role model for Black women everywhere seriously. When it comes to showing off her natural tresses, Bey is here for it. She's been rocking natural bangs on and off for at least 15 years, when she first debuted these short and sassy bangs in 2005.


Actress Lily Collins has been gracing the silver screen for ages it seems, but she doesn't shy away from letting her natural waves and coils shine through. Her soft fringe and slightly asymmetrical look call to mind the golden age of Hollywood, making her an icon for other curly haired girls.


Zendaya is many things, with the adjective graceful, stylish, and cool coming to mind. She has never been one to hide her natural texture, and instead takes every opportunity she can to showcase it. Therefore, it was hardly a surprise that she was all for the naturally curly bangs movement, and has shown off her bangs on several occasions, including this ethereal style.


The White Witch has been going her own way since the 70s, when she first began setting the world on fire with her sultry voice. Instead of fighting her naturally frizzy and wavy hair, Stevie Nicks embraced her natural texture. Like her, Stevie's bangs are unique and showcases her belief in her own natural beauty.


Songstress Lizzo is unapologetically herself, and isn't going to change for anyone anytime soon. So when she rocks a look that shows off her gorgeous natural strands, the world takes notice. While she's famous for her fantastic singing voice, her energetic concerts, and her show stopping fashion, she's also proving herself to be an icon when it comes to showing off her natural curls, including rocking a curly fringe.

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