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More Habits Curly Girls Use To Get Longer Strands

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're trying to grow out longer hair, we've got you covered. These are more habits curly girls use to get longer strands. Give these tips and tricks a try, and make sure to let us know which work for you, or if you have any you'd add to this list.

More Habits Curly Girls Use To Get Longer Strands

Keep it simple: when you're going to use a protective style, keep it simple. Don't pull your strands too tightly, and make sure you're regularly taking your hair down and giving it some time to rest between styles.

Skip heat: try to avoid applying heat to your curls. Instead, allow your strands enough time to fully air dry. This will help you avoid damage.

Don't brush your curls: brushes are really not the best when it comes to your hair. A brush will disrupt your natural curl pattern, especially when your strands are dry. Only use a wide toothed comb on your curls, and do so when wet.

Bottoms up: when working on your curls to detangle or manage knots, it's best to start from the bottom up. Focus on working through each knot individually before moving on.

Don't tease: although it can be tempting to try to get some volume, avoid teasing your curls. This can break and damage your delicate strands. Instead, focus on styling your strands so you get more natural volume at the roots of your hair.

Keep it loose: when styling your strands, try to avoid pulling too tightly on the roots. Pulling your strands will cause damage to your roots, especially around your hair line.

Don't forget to let us know any ti[s or tricks you might add to this list!

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