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The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curls are having a serious moment. It seems like everywhere you look there are celebrities, bloggers, and everyday people embracing their gorgeous, natural curls. However, getting amazing curls often times takes a bit of work, trial and error, as well as practice. One of the best ways to get great curls is to know what to avoid in regards to your curl care. Here are some mistakes you might be making with your curls and how to avoid them.

Your stylist doesn't have curly hair:

Unless they have curly hair, odds are your stylist doesn't 100% know how to cut it. It's one of those things where you need to have it to know how to handle it. Try to select a stylist who is rocking her own naturally curly hair. If you can't find one, opt for a stylist who has been trained specifically in curl cutting techniques and has several years' worth of experience.

Not thinking about shrinkage:

It's a cold hard fact that curls spring up when dry. Therefore, if you want an accurate measurement of length that's going to be removed, don't allow a stylist to cut your curls when wet. As them to style your hair before trimming so you know exactly how much is being removed.

Going with a blunt cut:

My friends, blunt styles are not for you. You may have noticed that the curly girls with the most successful styles don't have blunt cut bobs. This is because layers add movement and depth to your curly cuts, making them look a lot more natural. Blunt cuts creates weight which can pull your curls out.

Picking the wrong product:

Not all products are created equal, and not all products are meant for every type of curly hair. Before you buy, make sure you read all of the product directions, as well as check out reviews. Select products with natural ingredients and if you're in the market for something moisturizing, the first ingredient should be water. Avoid products that are loaded with ingredients you can't pronounce, as they most likely have no business coming near your delicate strands.




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