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The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Curls


Have you ever wished for a head of beautiful, amazingly perfect curls? Sometimes, it feels as though that dream is always out of reach. However, it doesn't have to be that way! If you're struggling to get your curls to do what you want, it might be that you're making some mistakes. This is really common. As we learn about how to handle our curls, we may make some errors along the way. These are the mistakes you might be making with your curls.

The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Curls
Shampooing too often:

One of the best things about having curly hair is that you get to skip daily shampoos! Shampooing strands too often can lead to dryness. Try to shampoo once or twice a week instead.

However, when you do shampoo, do it correctly. Allow your curls to become completely saturated with water before shampooing. Use a sulfate free shampoo and gently massage your scalp, avoiding screwing up your curls to wash them. Instead, allow the shampoo to rinse through.

Follow up with a conditioner or deep conditioning treatment. Detangle curls while in the shower and curls are still covered with conditioner. This will create slip, which will make it easier to work through knots.

The Homemade Deep Conditioning Detangler For Curls

Being too rough:

Most curls are actually pretty delicate and need to be treated as such. If you're washing your curls aggressively, drying them by rubbing your hair with a terry cloth towel, raking a brush through them, or constantly touching, you could actually be damaging your strands. Instead, focus on being delicate and treating your curls with kid gloves.

Not using the correct product:

Product can be a difficult thing for people to master. Sometimes, they use the incorrect product or use products incorrectly. This can lead to a lot of frustration with managing curly hair. Therefore, it's important to take the time to learn which products are right for you and your strands. Additionally, once you determine which products you want to use, you need to learn how to use them correctly. While the directions are an excellent starting point, you might find you need to adapt product usage based upon your curl's individual needs.

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