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Learning To Love Your Curl Type

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Learning To Love Your Curl Type


Have you ever wished your hair was something different; smoother, shinier, straighter? Many of us have been there and some of us have even tried to change our curls. While there's nothing wrong with that, it can be beneficial to learn to love your curls as is. Here's the way to learning to love your curl type.

Change your expectations:

Mindset is all part of the game of learning to love your curl type. For example, if you have 3B curls, stop expecting your hair to look or style like your 4C friends. No cut, chemical treatment, or product is going to change the outcome of how your curls are. Instead, spend time learning to love your curls as is instead of wishing for something else.

Tips For 4c Curls

Take the time:

Even if you've always worn your hair curly, understanding your hair can take time. You need to make sure to take some time to really get to know your curl type, as well educate yourself on products, styling techniques, and hair styles. Watch some blogs, read articles, and decide how much time you have to invest in your hair before selecting which regimen is right for you.

Experiment with product:

Not all products are the same. Each one has different ingredients and is formulated to react to different curl types. This means that a product that works well for your friend, even if you have similar hair, may or may not work for you. This doesn't mean you need to invest a huge sum of money in your curl care products. Instead, do your research and make some wise investments. Read product lists, instructions, and ask around. It won't take long before you find products that work well for you.

Don't obsess over length:

It can really tempting to spend a lot of your time worry over and checking the length of your curls. Your hair will only grow about 6 inches a year, so it will take some time to see extreme differences in growth. Instead of worrying about length, focus your energy on the overall health and well being of your hair.

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