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How To Wrangle Frizz

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Wrangle Frizz


Have you ever gone to sleep with a head full of shiny, glossy curls only to wake up a frizzy mess? We've all been there. For many curly girls, frizz is the bane of their existence. To that, we say no more! Here's how to wrangle frizz.

How To Wrangle Frizz

Use a serum:

If you're not already, invest in and use a good quality serum. Serums will help smooth fragile, frizzled ends to help curls retain their shape and shine. When applying your serum, concentrate on the mid shaft to the ends. Apply the serum to soaking wet hair after dividing it into 4-6 even sections. Use the prayer method to achieve an even application without overly disrupting your curl pattern. You can use clips to help keep your hair out of the way while applying serum. Avoid application to the roots, as this can weigh hair down and make it greasy.

Use a diffuser:

For curlies who are prone to frizz, a diffuser can be exceptionally useful. Allowing curls to completely air dry can cause some frizz, as the curls will expand seeking moisture. Instead, use a microfiber towel to squeeze excess water from your curls after you've applied your product. Using the diffuser, cup your curls like you would in your hand. Use the lowest heat setting and allow the air to gently dry your curls. Don't move the diffuser until that section of curls are completely dry. Allow your curls to cool completely.

Use heat sparingly:

Sometimes, as hard as we try, we end up with curls that do what they want. When this happens, it's ok to utilize heat tools to help bring them back under control. Occasionally, a curling iron can help define curls that don't want to behave. However, this isn't something you should use all the time so as to protect your delicate strands. When your curls need a little extra definition, use a curling iron to help give them shape. Make sure to use a heat protecting spray beforehand and set your curls with a hair spray after.

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