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How To Wash Your Curls This Spring

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Wash Your Curls This Spring


Spring is finally here and with it comes longer days, warm sun, and spring cleaning. It might also be time to consider updating your wash routine. Here are some great suggestions on how to wash your curls this spring. Give this fresh routine a try, and if it works for you, drop us a message.

How To Wash Your Curls This Spring

Pre poo:

The night before your wash day, make sure to pre poo your strands with an oil. For example, coconut oil works great as a pre poo treatment. Allow to sit overnight.


On wash day, saturate curls with warm water to allow the strands to soften. Use conditioner to create slip, and gently detangle strands. Working in sections, scrub the scalp with a moisturizing, sulfate free shampoo. This will break up and remove any lingering build up, allowing for a fresh start for spring.

How To Wash Your Curls Once And Enjoy Them For Days


Now that spring is here, curls will still need help with hydration. This doesn't mean giving up on deep conditioners, but perhaps switching to one that's a tad lighter. Make or purchase a hydrating deep conditioning product. Apply to strands, making sure each curl is covered. Let the product sit for 30 minutes before rinsing. Seal strands down with cool water.


Some curly girls opt to use a protective style. If that's you, make sure to use the LOC method to seal in moisture before styling. This will help moisture from escaping and curls from drying out. The LOC method includes: leave in, oil, and cream.

Daily care:

It's important to maintain the overall health of your curls by taking care of strands daily. This includes regularly moisturizing curls by spritzing strands with water or a refreshing spray. Try not to leave curls in a protective style for excessively long periods of time to avoid pulling or damaging the roots. Finally, make sure you're being seen by your stylist for regular trims to get rid of any dead ends.

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