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How To Wait For Your Best Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to natural curls, some women can take a long time to realize what their natural shape is. That's totally ok! Many naturally curly women experience a lot of pressure to straighten or change the natural texture of their curls. However, here at curlyhair.com, we are all about inspiring you to love your own strands, exactly how they are. We also understand it can be hard to wait while your strands recover, or grow back out. Here's how to wait for your best curls. With time, care, and compassion, your natural curls will reveal themselves to you, and we're sure you'll love them!

How To Wait For Your Best Curls

Finding her texture:

While she was growing up, wavy girl Kristin (find her on Instagram @wavyengle) struggled to embrace her natural texture. Without really understanding what her natural texture was, Kristin would brush the waves out of her hair, straighten it, or curl it. She said it took her awhile to understand that her natural texture could “stand on its own.”

After experiencing a significant loss, Kristin said she began looking around for a way to find more control in her life again. Deciding changing her appearance was an avenue she wanted to explore, she began searching YouTube for various curly hair tutorials. After discovering YouTuber Alyson, who goes by the handle Real Life Curly Girl, Kristin says she “fell down the Curly Girl rabbit hole.” This discovery helped her fall back in love not only with her natural texture, but with herself as well.

Role models:

During this journey, Kristin realized she needed some role models to help her fully understand how to manage her naturally wavy hair. She began connecting with Alyson, mentioned above, and through her found a strong support for her own curly hair journey. Kristin also connected with Dominique, who can be found @powerdomi, and describes both women as positive influences on her own journey to understand how to care for her waves. Both women want other wavies to understand that wavy hair doesn't equate failed curls, but rather another type of natural texture that requires its own care and understanding.

Loving the journey:

Learning to fall in love with her own natural waves has been a journey for Kristin. The more she began to understand that her waves were a texture that needed to be acknowledged, the more empowered she became in caring for her strands. As time went on, she began to experiment with different curl care routines, as well as products to develop a regimen that worked effectively for her own type of waves. As time went on, she began to realize what her waves required in order to be their most effective. She encourages other women who are on this journey to “dig deep,” and to realize that “your hair doesn't define you.” It's part of who you are, but not who you are.

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