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How To Tell What Your Curls Need

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Tell What Your Curls Need


Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out why your curls aren't acting right. Understanding what curls are missing can be a tricky balancing act. There are a lot of things that go into maintaining healthy curls. However, there are times curls might need protein or moisture to regain their overall health. Here's how to tell what your curls need. Once you know, make sure to tell us your favorite protein or moisturizing products.

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How To Tell What Your Curls Need
Too much moisture:

Believe it or not, there can be such a thing as too much moisture in curls. As a result, curls might actually feel too dry, or even be prone to frizz. Curls might feel overly elasticized, or break after being stretched. When wet, curls feel soft, mushy, or lie limp in your hand.  You might also find your curls won't hold their natural shape, or are difficult to style.

How to fix it:

If your curls are too moisturized, don't despair! It can be fixed.  Curls need protein. Therefore, consider adding protein into your curl care routine. This will help repair the structure of your curls while adding back in strength.

Too much protein:

Are you noticing your curls are snapping off in your hand when you touch them? This can be a frustrating and scary experience. Your strands might feel rough or overly brittle. When pulled out, curls might have very little stretch or don't bounce back well. Regardless of if curls are wet or dry, they might be prone to breaking easily.

How to fix it:

Your curls are lacking in moisture, which is making strands prone to dryness. Dry curls are often damaged, and distressed. Therefore, you need to reduce the protein and up the moisture in your strands. Start by adding moisturizing treatments to your strands. Utilize a refreshing spray 1-2x per day, or when you notice curls are drying out.  Curls should be conditioned and deep conditioned following every shampoo or cowash.

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Eventually, you will find your curls have achieved a healthy balance of protein and moisture. When this happens, you'll notice your curls have an overall feeling and look of health. Strands will return when pulled out straight, and don't break off easily. Strands are easy to style, and curls hold their natural shape well. Finally, there should be minimal, if any, breakage.


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