How To Tell If Curls Are Damaged

How To Tell If Curls Are Damaged

Have you ever wondered why your curls don’t seem to grow? Are you frustrated by strands that are difficult to style or maintain? If so, you might have damaged hair. Damage can creep in without being noticed but it can make it hard to manage curls. Here’s how to tell if curls are damaged, as well as what to do about it.

How To Tell If Curls Are Damaged


While some curl fall is normal, excessive breakage is not. If you’re noticing handfuls of curls coming out or ends breaking with little manipulation, it might be worth looking into further. Breakage can be caused by lots of different things. This includes excessive dryness, over manipulation, and not getting enough trims.


Curly girls sometimes skip their regular salon visits to save length. However, this can actually work against your efforts to keep your curls healthy. As hair splits, the split continues up the shaft. This means that the hair will never grow out in a healthy way, because it’s constantly breaking. Splits will break off, and can create more damage. Make sure to get regular trims to manage splits, as they can only be cut off and not repaired.

How To Manage Split Ends


When you pull your curl down and let it go, does it bounce back into place? If not, you might have some damage. If curls have become damaged by heat or chemical treatments, the structure of the strand might be damaged. Therefore, it will be difficult for curls to retain their shape.


Checking the porosity of your curls can tell you the amount of damage done to your strands. If curls are highly porous, it might indicate higher levels of damage. This means your curls will have a harder time holding in moisture. As a result, curls might be difficult to manage.