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How To Take Care Of Fine Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Take Care Of Fine Curls


Not all curls are made the same, and this is especially true when it comes to texture. While all curls are gorgeous, some are thicker than others. On the other side of this, some curls are also much finer than their counter parts. Understanding the nature of fine curls and how to care for those curls is critical to beautiful curls. Here's how to take care of fine curls.

How To Take Care Of Fine Curls

Be gentle:
Treat your fine curls as though they are made of the finest china, or your grandmother's old lace table cover. Be very careful with how you treat your strands, and they will look beautiful for years to come. This also includes utilizing protective styles. While protective styling has it's place, it can also go bad fast. If curls are pulled too tight or manipulated too often, they can break and frizz. Avoid using protective styles, and touching curls too often.

Use protein:

Curls need an infusion of protein here and there to keep them in shape. Don't be afraid to use protein treatments to help keep the integrity of your curls. You can mix and match with deep conditioners to keep curls hydrated and in good shape.

Detangle carefully:

If you've been using a brush to work through your strands, it's time to reconsider that usage. Toss the brush in favor of a wide toothed comb and never detangle dry curls. This can cause breakage, excessive curl fall, and frizz. Instead, wet curls and slather them with conditioner. Use your comb to carefully work through each knot, applying more conditioner as needed to create slip.

The Best Way to Wash Your Fine Curls

Go easy:

While products are part of the game when it comes to taking care of curls, you also need to go easy with them. Many products are designed to manage thicker, coarser curls. Opt instead for lightweight products that feature water in the top three ingredients to keep strands hydrated. Skip heavy oils, or butters, which can actually weigh curls down and make hair look greasy.

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