How To Rake And Shake Your Way To Frizz Free Curls

How To Rake And Shake Your Way To Frizz Free Curls

Do you ever wish there was a fool-proof way to get frizz free curls? If so, you’re in luck! This technique will give you curls that are easy to style and low in frizz. Here’s how to rake and shake your way to frizz free curls. Give it a try, and we’re sure you’ll love the results.

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How To Rake And Shake Your Way To Frizz Free Curls

Step one:

Begin with clean, damp curls, but not sopping wet. Apply a foundation product, such as a detangling spray or a moisturizing leave in conditioner.  This will create the base for frizz free curls.

Step two:

Separate curls into 6 even, smaller sized sections. Apply a nickle sized amount of curl defining cream or a lightweight gel to the palms of your hand, and rub together to emulsify. A product designed to combat humidity might also be helpful, as it will reduce the likelihood of curls frizzing up. Avoid products that are overly heavy, as it could weigh down your strands.

Step three:

Apply the product throughout your strands, by raking through from roots to ends. Firmly grasp the ends of your strands, and briskly shake your wrists. This will encourage the curl pattern to fall into place and form. Repeat on the remaining sections, working through each area individually.

Step four:

After all the products have been applied throughout your strands, you can use a diffuser. Apply heat with a low, warm setting. You can also allow your curls to air dry.

Step five:

After curls are completely dried, consider utilizing a small amount of finishing product, such as a shine serum. Hold your curls back in a ponytail, and rub the product through your strands. A shine pomade also works well here. This will help minimize frizz, and control any flyaways.

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