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How To Prevent Frizz and Tangles In Natural Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Prevent Frizz and Tangles In Natural Curls


Part of the natural curl care journey is embracing all the ins and outs of your hair. With curls often comes frizz and tangles. While this is incredibly frustrating, it doesn't have to be more than an occasional nuisance. Here's how to prevent frizz and tangles in natural curls.

How To Prevent Frizz and Tangles In Natural Curls
Toss the shampoo:

Regular shampoos aren't any friend to curly girls. Shampoos are a detergent. This means it works by stripping curls of natural oils. Shampoo will therefore make curls dry, frizzy, and prone to tangles. Instead of lathering up with a shampoo, consider using conditioner or cowash to cleanse curls with less harshness.

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Tame frizz:

Often times the baby hairs around the face tend to frizz up. However, this is something that can be managed with a frizz fighting smoothie. Put a small amount of product on the fingertips and apply to individual curls to get them to take shape.

Protect from heat:

While skipping heat tools as much as possible is advised, it can't always be completely avoided. When heat simply must be used, make sure to protect curls. For example, when using a blow dryer always use a diffuser. The diffuser minimizes damage by evenly dispersing heat.

When you must use heat, make sure to protect curls first. A heat protecting spray or silk proteins can help keep heat related damage to a minimum.

Don't overuse products:

While product can be useful in combating frizz, there can also be too much of a good thing. Consider the products being used and opt for refreshing, all natural products. Heavy gels can leave curls feeling sticky and weighed down. Make sure to select products with light, moisturizing ingredients to help re-hydrate and manage fine strands.

Detangle correctly:

The importance of detangling correctly can't be stressed enough. Curls that aren't detangled correctly are far more likely to experience breakage or damage. Only detangle curls when wet, using a wide toothed comb or fingers. Skip working on curls when dry and avoid brushes completely.


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