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How To Manage Curl Fall

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Manage Curl Fall


When you've spent time caring for your curls, losing a lot can be frustrating. There are several reasons curls fall out, from imbalanced hormones to poor nutrition. Many women experience significant curl loss during or even after pregnancy. If your curls seem to falling out more than the norm (about 100 strands per day), it might be time to check in with your healthcare provider to see if there's an underlying cause. In the meantime, here's how to manage curl fall. Give these suggestions a try and let us know if it works for you.

The Best Techniques For Growing Long, Strong Curls

How To Manage Curl Fall
Signs of curl fall:

If you're noticing your curls thinning on the top of your head, bald spots, loose strands, or scaly patches on the scalp, you might be experiencing curl loss. Not every person will experience these symptoms, but it can be a good starting point for identifying an issue.

What to do:

It's important to visit your healthcare provider to rule out any underlying cause. Your doctor will most likely want to do tests to check your hormone levels, and may remove strands for testing. They might also ask you questions about your lifestyle, mental health, and stress levels in order to determine why your curls are falling out.

Curl loss management:

In the meantime, you can start trying to care for your curls. Start by taking vitamins, to ensure your body is getting the nutrients needed to encourage healthy curl growth. Restoring vitamins H, E, and D  can help minimize curl loss.

Utilizing coconut oil as a regular hot oil treatment can help curls stay healthy, and prevent curl breakage. Strands will be softened, and protein loss won't be as significant with regular use of coconut oil. Melt and massage the warm oil directly into the scalp, using the fingertips to encourage blood flow. Allow to sit for one hour before rinsing with a gentle shampoo and follow with a conditioner.

The Benefits Of Cowashing Curls

There are plenty of other natural treatments you can use to help curls from falling. Yogurt masks, fenugreek water rinses, and egg yolk masks can all reinvigorate curls to help boost weak or damaged strands.


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