How To Make Your Own Curly Hair Shampoo Bar

How To Make Your Own Curly Hair Shampoo Bar

Are you interested in trying out shampoo bars? There are a lot of reasons to love shampoo bars. Not only do they create less plastic waste, it’s easier to handle. A bar gives you a bit more control in the shower, especially for scrubbing thick curls. Bars can work in towards the scalp where shampoo might struggle to reach. Additionally, there are often less ingredients in bars, making it a healthful choice for curls. Here’s how to make your own curly hair shampoo bar. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

How To Make Your Own Curly Hair Shampoo Bar


1 pound organic melt and pour soap base. We recommend goat’s milk for the high fat content.

2 teaspoons castor oil.

1 tablespoon shea butter.

25 drops essential oils of your choosing. We like lavender, rosemary, lemon, and bergamot.


Soap mold.

Double boiler (you can also use two pots to create this).

Spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol.

What to do:

Cut your soap base into smaller pieces and place into the double boiler. Put the heat to low, and allow the base to slowly melt, stirring often to avoid burning. Remove the base from heat, and stir in the castor oil, shea butter, and essential oils. Spray the mold with rubbing alcohol before pouring. This will help minimize the chance of air bubbles. Once the mixture is poured, you can spray the top with rubbing alcohol as well.

Allow the mixture to cool for several hours until completely set. Once it’s set, you can carefully remove it from the mold. Use the shampoo bar in the shower to cleanse your curls. It can also be used as a wash bar in place of soap or body wash. This makes a great gift or for your every day use!

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