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How To Love Your Curls This Year

by Chelsea Castonguay
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It's no secret that this year has been really difficult in a lot of ways. However, if time at home has taught us anything, it's that coming to terms with who we are is crucial for our overall health and well being. Therefore, this how to love your curls this year. Make the rest of 2020 something to remember, and fall in love with your strands once again.

How To Love Your Curls This Year

Accept your texture:

Do you ever find yourself wishing your hair did or was something else? A lot of us wish our hair was straighter, curlier, finer, or thicker. We spend a lot of time and money trying to make our hair into something it isn't, and this often leads to grief. Therefore, if you want to start loving your hair, one way is to accept your texture and learn to work with it.

Learn what your curls need:

One of the frustrating things about curls is that every strand is different, even sometimes on your own head. Therefore, in order to make peace with your strands, you'll need to learn what your curls need. This means understanding how often you need trims, deep conditioning, and even what kinds of products will be the most effective on your strands. Gaining this understanding will make your styling and care for your strands much happier.

Get a great cut:

When it's safe, get yourself to the hair stylist for a great haircut. When it comes to making your curls work for you, having a good relationship with a hairstylist who has training in cutting and caring for curls is critical. Make sure you pick someone you like, and settle in for a long-term relationship with them. This way your stylist will be able to learn about your hair, and help you figure out the best ways to care for your strands.

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